Ways to Stay Active At Home

Nov 17, 2020

No Gym? No Problem.

The beauty of getting fit is that there is no one way to work out. From running an outdoor trail to lifting weights at the gym, the world is full of fitness opportunities. However, there are days where work, school, and general life might make heading to the gym to work out a little difficult. Fortunately, there are many ways to stay active, fit, and healthy at home. 

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Option 1: Running

When it doubt, cardio it out. An easy way to stay fit at home is by starting a running routine or integrating one into your current workout routine. With benefits like stronger lungs, joints, and overall mental wellbeing, running is a workout that you can do on your treadmill at home or around your neighborhood for some fresh air.

Plus, with the breathable Bauerfeind Sports Knee Support, you can run with confidence knowing that your knee is protected from damaging vibrations. Our line of Sports Compression Socks also reduces the risk of shin splints and other aches that come with distance running or runners that are just starting their fitness journey. This means you can hit the track, treadmill, or trail for longer without worry if agitations or injury. 

For best results, runners should aim for a 30 minute run three times a week. Need some inspiration? Create your own running playlist with your favorite songs, or grab a running buddy to keep the motivation high!


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Option 2: Lifting Weights

Whether you have a whole weight rack at home or a few dumbbells of various sizes, lifting weights is a great way to stay active at home. With benefits like fat loss and the opportunity to build muscle, gain strength, and tone up, lifting weights is an excellent fitness journey to embark on both at the gym and at home. Plus, as you move up in weights with time, this form of workout is both physically and mentally rewarding.

With our Sports Wrist Strap, you can also safely move from weight class to weight class with reduce risk of injury or wrist pain. This will translate to improved confidence with each workout that you crush.

Not sure where to begin? There are several workout regimes online, including apps and YouTube videos, that can help get you started on your weight-lifting routine and keep it fresh.


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Option 3: HIIT

One of the easiest at-home workouts is HIIT, or high intensity interval training, due to its use of little to no equipment. All you need is your body, motivation, and maybe a sweat towel! Following circuit-style training, HIIT workouts help strengthen various sections of the body, including abs, glutes, legs, and arms. By repeating core exercises with cardio circuits sprinkled throughout, these types of workouts help your body burn calories long after you finished your workout. Plus, by utilizing repetition, you will see your body begin to tone up, adapt to, and become stronger with each routine.

Since these workouts utilize total body movement, our line of Sports Compression Sleeves will help keep your muscles stable and safe throughout each routine. 

Much like weight routines, there are a variety of HIIT workout tutorials and at-home workouts that you can find online. With workouts ranging from 10 minutes to an hour, you can start your fitness journey where you feel most comfortable and work your way up. 


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Get Moving

From running around the neighborhood to sweating it out to your latest HIIT routine, there is no one way to workout. On the days you can't make it to the gym, these exercises are the perfect way to get moving at home. 


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