The Benefits of Quad Compression for Running

Nov 17, 2020

Running on its own can be challenging. Running 120 yards over and over again while avoiding being tackled? That is a whole new level of intensity. As any player knows, running and football go hand in hand. From touchdowns to tackles, players are constantly on the go. However, did you know that players might be cutting their running potential short by not utilizing quad compression? Get the most out of each game by learning about the benefits of quad compression for running below.


two NFL players on field surrounded with people standing



Without proper circulation, football players not only sell themselves short when it comes to performance, but they also sell themselves short on fresh blood and oxygen flowing to their muscles and heart. This can result in earlier fatigue during a game and sore muscles from lactic acid in the days ahead. 


football players on green grass field


Fortunately, quad compression sleeves, like our Sports Compression Sleeve for the upper leg, gradually decreases in pressure from the lower thigh to the upper thigh to promote circulation and the circulation of oxygen. This increases endurance, reduces early fatigue, and prevents the buildup of lactic acid.



Football games are all about intensity, but without proper protection, this intensity can bench even the greatest player. A strained quad or groin injury, for example, can occur from running or jumping too quickly thanks to the damaging muscle vibrations sent to the muscles in these areas.


man catching football on field at daytime


With the Sports Compression Sleeve, however, these damaging muscle vibrations are intercepted and significantly reduced. This allows players to give each play, move, and game their all without the worry of groin or quad injuries. 



When it comes to carrying out the perfect play, the last thing a player wants to do is get distracted by their compression sleeve slipping under their gear. That is why our Sports Compression Sleeves are dotted with silicone bands and adhesive zones to ensure a comfortable, snug fit that stays in place without cutting into the skin.



Sports Compression Sleeves Upper Leg



Even the greatest football player in the world might not give it their all due to fear of injury or lack of proper circulation. Fortunately, with the Bauerfeind Sports Compression Sleeve, players have the ability to give each game 100% comfortably, safely, and confidently.