How Baseball Players Can Avoid Ankle Sprains

Nov 17, 2020

From sliding into first to landing after catching the ball, baseball players risk ankle sprains with almost every move. If you want to keep your season long and your ankle strong this season, continue reading to discover how baseball players can avoid ankle sprains with the Bauerfeind Sports Ankle Support. 


square brown concrete baseball base on soil



More often than not, ankle sprains occur when the ankle joint is facing an unstable position, such as landing incorrectly after jumping to catch the ball or sliding towards the bases at an awkward angle. The Bauerfeind Sports Ankle Support features a figure eight strapping system that provides improved ligament stabilization to a player’s ankles during these types of activities. This greatly reduces any risk of  the ankle twisting or rolling out of place.


Sports Ankle Support



Thanks to the 3D Air Knit Technology of the Sports Ankle Support, players can enjoy maximum breathability, comfort, and freedom of motion while the support provides medical standard compression. This compression helps boost circulation for muscle regeneration and reduce damaging muscle vibrations to protect against high loads on joints, tendons, and ligaments. This, along with the stabilizing properties of the support, will reduce any current ankle agitations and prevent new ones from happening.


Sports Ankle Support



If a player knows he or she is at risk for an ankle injury, they may be hesitant to perform 100%. However, with comfortable compression and custom stabilization, the Sports Ankle Support allows players to give it their all confidently and safely game after game.