Three Benefits Of Basketball Arm Sleeves

Nov 17, 2020

Back in the early 2000s, Allen Iverson rocked the arm sleeve for the first time. Now, you will rarely see a player without one. While sleek looking, the trend of wearing arm sleeves during games or practice didn’t stick around just because of Iverson’s influence. Instead, the many benefits of arm sleeves for basketball players is what made these innovative inventions stick around.


man playing basketball



Thanks to the increased circulation and blood flow that comes from shooting sleeves, the muscles can warm up faster and stay warm for ultimate flexibility, endurance and performance. In fact, the medical grade compression of the Bauerfeind Sports Compression Sleeve is designed to specifically decrease in pressure from the wrist to the upper arm to promote improved oxygen transfer throughout each game or practice. Since basketball demands the constant use of arms in the form of dribbling, shooting, passing, and rebounding, this flexibility is key to not only performance, but injury prevention as well. 


man dribbling ball on court



Speaking of flexibility, the last thing a basketball player wants is a stiff arm sleeve. Compression sleeves are meant to enhance your performance, not turn you into the Tin Man. That is why the Sports Compression Sleeve is made with highly-breathable microfibers that keep the muscles warm and protected while resting comfortably against the skin. Whether you are dribbling or shooting, the Sports Compression Sleeve will move with you.


Sports Compression Sleeves Arm



Benefit 3: Comes in Pairs

Another benefit of the Sports Compression Sleeve is that it comes in pairs. This gives you the option of wearing two on days where a little extra support is needed or keep one in your gym bag as a spare. Machine washable, the Sports Compression Sleeves can be used over and over again to keep you performing at your very best.