Knee Pain Relief for Hockey Players

Nov 17, 2020

From smacking into the walls to pivoting the puck around opponents, hockey players are at risk for a laundry list of injuries, especially those that occur in the knee. In fact, MCL (media collateral ligament) injuries are one of the most frequently occurring injuries in the sport! Tear this bad boy, and you are staring down the barrel of a benched season. That is why Bauerfeind created the Sports Knee Support. Comfortable and stabilizing, the Sports Knee Support helps protect the knee joint so players can stay on the ice longer and with more confidence. 


people playing ice hockey



From novices to full-on pros, any hockey player will experience knee pain or injuries in their career. Featuring anatomically contoured pads that help redistribute pressure surrounding the knee cap, the Bauerfeind Sports Knee Support not only helps relieve knee pain, but it also prevents major injuries to the knee tendons and muscles. Plus, with AIRKNIT technology, the Sports Knee Support provides medical-standard compression to increase circulation, reduce damaging muscle vibrations, and provide positive sensorimotor feedback, or proprioception, to enhance coordination and confidence. 


Lightweight, moisture-wicking, and comfortable, this washable knee support will feel like a second skin on players rather than a bulky, distracting brace. This freedom of movement allows players to race down the ice, pivot around opponents, and give each game 110%. Plus, with integrated adhesive zones, the Sports Knee Support guarantees a comfortable, secure fit. This means no more constantly pulling up the material. From practice to competitions, the Sports Knee Support will help players step onto the ice confidently and safely each and every time.