How Athletes Can Prevent Knee Pain

Nov 17, 2020

In the sports world, no two people are exactly alike. Some individuals train for triathlons and the Olympics while others play basketball for fun or run a softball league within their city. However, there is one thing that many, many athletes have in common: knees. Capable of moving us up, down, sideways, and backwards, our knees play a vital part in sports. That is why keeping them safe and preventing knee pain is crucial to our health. Fortunately, the Bauerfeind Sports Knee Strap does just that.

Sports Knee Strap


Prevent Pain with Pressure Relief

After hitting the pavement, court, or field over and over again, your knees may start to feel a little uncomfortable. Instead of ignoring this warning bell and carrying on, the Sports Knee Strap can help prevent future knee pains while alleviating current ones. This is thanks to the custom compression levels offered by the strap. This allows you to deliver custom pressure to each side of your knee to feel instant and continuous relief throughout your practice or game. 


Sports Knee Strap

 Freedom of Movement

Remember when you tried on a knee brace and felt like a pirate with a wooden leg? You could barely bend your knee to walk down the aisle in the store, let alone run down a field or catch a ball! Fortunately, the Bauerfeind Sports Knee Strap is made with lightweight, airy fabric that never hinders your movements. The strap also stays securely in position during even the most rigorous of activities, so you never have to worry about the strap slipping. 

Targeted Healing

Avoiding knee pain completely isn't impossible, but it is quite challenging. That is why athletes will love adding the Sports Knee Strap to their uniforms. The comfortable pads of the strap stimulate the patellar tendon and provide targeted compression to provide relief and healing with each wear. This will keep you feeling strong, healthy, safe, and pain-free layup after layup, sprint after sprint. Add the Bauerfeind Sports Knee Strap to your gym bag and see what a big difference this small strap can make.