How Athletes Can Benefit From Elbow Supports

Nov 17, 2020

Whether you are training with weights or picking up the racket for a competition, your elbows see a lot of action in sports and conditioning. This only makes elbow pains more obvious when they occur. Many elbow supports out there provide compression that can somewhat alleviate elbow pain, but they lack comfort, breathability, and protection against muscle overload. Luckily, there are many benefits that athletes can enjoy in the gym or on the court with the Bauerfeind Sports Elbow Support 


Sports Elbow Support



Most mild cases of elbow pain are often due to excessive strain or overload. This can involve pushing yourself too hard, too quickly, or for too long. Luckily, the Sports Elbow Support provides preventative measures and relief for those who worry about or are currently dealing with elbow pain. This is thanks to the anatomically contoured pads of the support. Comfortably surrounding the elbow, these contoured pads redistribute pressure and protect against overloading the ligaments and tendons. This means you can safely train or compete without the worry about injury.




Have you ever worn an elbow brace that feels more like a cast for a broken arm than support? From bulky, stiff braces to itchy, uncomfortable braces, finding comfortable elbow support can be challenging. However, the Sports Elbow Support features Air Knit technology that is lightweight, comfortable, moisture-wicking, washable, and never hinders an athlete's freedom of movement. In a way, this support feels more like a second skin than a brace. Plus, with integrated adhesive zones, you are guaranteed a secure fit. No more slipping and constantly readjusting throughout practice or games.





When it comes to swelling, aches, and paints in the elbow, compression is key to increase blood circulation and promote a faster recovery rate. That is why the Air Knit technology of the Sports Elbow Support provides medical standard compression. This will not only boost circulation for quicker recovery time but also reduce damaging muscle vibrations to prevent and future agitations. With so many benefits, athletes will feel a sense of increased confidence and peace of mind with the Sports Elbow Support.