Getting Into the Swing of Things with the Bauerfeind Arm Sleeve

Nov 17, 2020

As summer fades to fall, autumn sports are kicking into gear. Whether you are playing fall sports professionally or with friends, everyone has one thing in common: the use of our arms. From training to playing, our arms are constantly throwing, catching, swinging, or training with weights. If not properly protected, our arms can face some serious aches and pains. Fortunately, you can get get back into the swing of things with the Bauerfeind Sports Compression Arm Sleeve



Medical-Standard Compression 

Featuring medical-grade compression, the Bauerfeind Sports Compression Arm Sleeves offer pressure that decreases gradually from the wrist to the upper arm. This promotes circulation to improve transfer of oxygen, increase endurance, and lower premature fatigue. Add this to the fact that the sleeves protect the skin against damaging UV rays, and you have a compression sleeve that keeps you safe and ready to give 100 percent each time.


Comfortable Materials

The purpose of a brace is to keep athletes comfortable and on their A-game. Unfortunately, many compression sleeves are made with stiff, uncomfortable materials. This can result in low breathability on the skin and cause irritations. That is why our compression sleeves feature temperature-regulating microfibers that keep the joints and muscles warm while also offering a breathable fit. This will eradicate the risk of skin irritations and offer supreme comfort. 


No-Slip Grip

Another thing athletes do not want to deal with is constantly adjusting their compression sleeves. While we do not want to have a compression sleeve that cuts off circulation, we also do not want to deal with a sleeve that slips and slides a few minutes into a game or workout. That is why our compression sleeves feature zones of softer material that are strategically placed at sensitive points to ensure a comfortable fit. This will prevent slipping and sliding without sacrificing your need for comfort. No matter your sport, you will be able to compete comfortably and safely all season long with the Bauerfeind Sports Compression Arm Sleeve.