Get Back In The Game With The Sports Back Support

Nov 17, 2020

January is one of the peak months for winter sports, which means hockey players, snowboarders, and skiers alike are hitting the slopes or ice. While the thrill of training and competing is fun, each time you lace up the skates or clip on your skis, you are facing a risk of injury. One wrong move, and you could throw out or seriously injure your back. This is even more true for those currently experiencing back pain. Fortunately, you can get back in the game stronger and safer than ever with the Bauerfeind Sports Back Support. Read on to discover the many beneficial features of this back brace.


man wearing green and white ice hockey jersey while playing



One of the main features of the Bauerfeind Sports Back Support is its carefully-designed structure. For example, the innovative pad of the brace features massaging nubs that provide intermittent massages with each movement. This will help reduce trigger points and stimulate muscles to keep you on the ice or snow pain-free. Additionally, the combination of enhanced sensorimotor feedback and stimulation of core muscles that the brace provides helps athletes improve posture.


Sports Back Support



Another feature of the Sports Back Support is its delivery of careful compression. The highly-elastic knitted fabric of the brace provides a carefully regulated level of compression to the lower back. This provides gentle relief of current back agitation, encourages a faster recovery, and allows players to give each practice or competition their all without worry.



Last but not least, the final main feature of the Sports Back Support is its breathable knit materials. The Air Knit material of the brace is lightweight, comfortable, moisture-wicking and washable. Instead of adding bulk to your practice or game day attire, this brace fits comfortably and allows maximum freedom of movement.  The best part? The support can be worn under clothing so you can enjoy its various benefits discreetly. Whether you are a recreational athlete or a professional, the Bauerfeind Sports Back Support will get you back in the game with confidence.