Common Golf Injuries and How to Avoid Them

Nov 17, 2020

Getting back on the green is always a great feeling. However, an enjoyable season of golf can be cut short from injuries. Get ahead of the game and stay strong this golf season by learning about common golf injuries and how to avoid them. 

man playing golf



Did you know that Golfer’s Elbow is one of the most common injuries in the sport? Usually caused by overusing the muscles in the forearm when you grip the club, rotating your arm during a swing, or flexing your wrist, Golfer’s Elbow often results in tenderness or pain on the inner side of their elbow, stiffness, weakness in the hands and wrists, and numbness or tingling in the fingers.

While Golfer’s Elbow is painful, it is also preventable by protecting your elbow with an injury-preventative brace like the Bauerfeind Sports Elbow Support.

With anatomically contoured pads that surround the elbow joint to redistribute pressure and protect the tendons and ligaments from overloading, the no-slip Sports Elbow Support allows you to play golf confidently and safely all season long.

For additional protection against Golfer’s Elbow, add the following exercises to your routine:

  • Tennis Ball Squeezes to help build the muscles in the forearm
  • Wrist Curls to help build the muscles between the wrist and the elbow
  • Reverse Wrist Curls to further build the forearm muscles to reduce the amount of damaging vibrations absorbed by the muscles


Back pain is no stranger to golfers. Constantly swinging the club rotates the spine with a high amount of force which can leave the lower back susceptible to injury. Repetitive movements like bending down to place tees, picking up golf balls, and carying up heavy golf bags also leave the backs of golfers facing a lot of strain.

Luckily, wearing an injury-preventative brace like the Bauerfeind Sports Back Support is a great step to take in avoiding back injuries.  

Made with Air Knit technology, the Sports Back Support is lightweight, comfortable, and discreetly fits under your clothes while allowing maximum freedom of movement. Enjoy pain-free days of golf with the soft pad of the support that massages the back joints to reduce trigger points, stabilize the back, and stimulate muscles.

For additional protection against back sprains and pains, consider adding exercises to strengthen the back to your routine, like:

  • Back Extensions to strengthen the lower back muscles that protect the spine from twisting forces.
  • Walk Out Prone Planks to strengthen your core muscles and help stabilize the body when you swing.
  • Walk-Throughs to improve mid and upper-back twisting mobility to reduce the stress on the lumbar vertebrae.


The knee is another site for common golf injuries due to faulty swing techniques, overuse, and poor strength among other things. In fact, golfers are at the most risk for knee injury due to the repetition of forceful rotational swings.

To keep the knee stable and protected swing after swing, suit up with the Bauerfeind Sports Knee Support. The anatomically contoured pad of the AirKnit support surrounds the knee cap to redistribute pressures, protect against tendon and kneecap overload, and reduces damaging muscle vibrations to keep players safe throughout the season.

In addition to the support, adding the following exercises to strengthen your knees and help reduce your risk of injury:   

  • Lateral heel drops to help quad muscles grow stronger, absorb shock better, and reduce knee pain and muscle friction.
  • Glute Bridges to reduce the amount of pressure and shock that hits to the knee.
  • Heel Raises to achieve a “cushion” of muscle that surrounds the knee and increases their strength and mobility.