Best Knee Brace For Basketball Players

Nov 17, 2020


When it comes to basketball, the knees are no strangers to working hard. Jumping upwards, absorbing the shock as you land, pivoting, and stopping suddenly are just some of the ways that the knee can take a toll during a game. To avoid common knee injuries from basketball and play confidently all season long, players should consider wearing a quality knee brace, like the Sports Knee Support NBA, during each practice and game. 


ball under basketball ring



From pivoting around a player to launching yourself to catch rebound, basketball demands that players be quick and agile with each move. Unfortunately, one wrong twist or an awkward landing can result in season-ending injuries. That is why the Bauerfeind Sports Knee support features an anatomically contoured pad that both stabilizes the knee cap and redistributes pressure to protect against overloading the tendons and knee cap.


Plus, the breathable AIRKNIT™ technology of the support provides medical standard compression and positive sensorimotor to help boost blood circulation, increase confidence, and reduce any damaging muscle vibrations. This will allow players to execute plays with greater confidence, coordination, and stability game after game.




The idea of wearing a knee support might make players cringe at first. After all, how are they supposed to perform their best with a bulky, stiff knee brace? With the Bauerfeind Sports Knee Support, that worry is a thing of the past. The AIRKNIT™ material of the brace rests comfortably around the knee to provide stabilization without taking away a player’s freedom of movement. Essentially, this support will feel more like a second skin than a bulky brace. From pivoting to jump shots, players can always move with 100% confidence and freedom with the Bauerfeind Sports Knee Support NBA.