Best Elbow Brace for Hockey Players

Nov 17, 2020

When it comes to hockey, there is no doubt that potential injuries constantly linger around the rink. This is thanks to the speed, rapid changes in direction, powerful swings, and hard falls that often come with the sport. While most injuries happen to the knee or shoulder, the elbow is also vulnerable to common injuries in hockey. Fortunately, adding the Bauerfeind Sports Elbow Support can help reduce injuries, increase playing time, and give players a new sense of confidence with each wear. Read on to discover why the Sports Elbow Support is the best elbow brace for hockey players.


man taking aim for goal on hockey goalie



Even if players try their hardest to avoid injuries during a game, muscle overload and overuse is something that happens even to the most cautious of players. After all, whether you are dribbling the puck down the ice or taking a powerful shot to score, your elbows are constantly working. This can easily lead to elbow pain that forces players to take the bench. That is why Bauerfeind created the anatomically contoured pads featured in the Sports Elbow Support.





Designed to gently hug the elbow joint, these pads redistribute pressure throughout the arm and protect the tendons and ligaments against overloading. This not only protects players from painful muscle agitations, but it also gives them the confidence to give each game their all without fear of injury.


Another reason why the Bauerfeind Sports Elbow Support is one of the best elbow braces for hockey players is its medical-standard compression. The comfortable Air Knit technology of the brace ensures a breathable fit that gently provides compression to the ligaments and tendons of the elbow throughout each game. This will help increase circulation and reduce damaging muscle vibrations from reaching the muscles.





Additionally, this increase in compression also helps sore muscles recover faster for a quick turnaround between games and practices. No more worrying about prolonged periods on the bench. 


Of course, boosting circulation is not the only benefit of this medical-standard compression. In addition to protecting and helping muscles recover, this compression provides positive sensorimotor feedback with each movement. This will guide players through their movements in a safe, comfortable way to prevent over-straining the ligaments and joints.


Sports Elbow Support


With time, this will translate to improved confidence and lower injury rates. Whether players choose the sleek black, powerful pink, or serene blue design, they can step onto the ice with confidence each time with Bauerfeind.