Alleviate Elbow Pain With The Sports Elbow Support

Nov 17, 2020

With spring just around the corner, many people turn over a new leaf with their fitness routines. Whether this means doing outdoor yoga, playing badminton with friends, or going for a long bike ride, the warm weather encourages athletes of all levels to get outside and get moving. But before you spring into action, make sure to add the Bauerfeind Sports Elbow Support to your workout attire. Breathable and comfortable, this support helps alleviate current elbow pain, prevent new pains from occurring, and keep your elbow stable throughout each outdoor workout or activity. 



We are always encouraged to push ourselves during a workout. This is what allows us to get better, faster, and stronger in our routines. However, upping the challenge in our routines does run the risk of painful muscle overload. Fortunately, one of the main features of the Sports Elbow Support is its anatomically contoured pads. Snug yet comfortable, these pads surround the elbow joint to redistribute pressure and prevent the tendons and ligaments from overloading. This will allow you to safely explore newer, harder routines safely and with an added peace of mind.



Sports Elbow Support



Elbow pain can be caused by a variety of things, like muscle overload, joint agitation, and damaging muscle vibrations. This is especially prevalent in spring activities, such as tennis or golf, where we use our elbows quite frequently. That is why the Sports Elbow Support is designed with Air Knit technology that provides medical-grade compression to the elbow. This will not only alleviate current elbow pain, but also boost circulation for a faster recovery time and reduce damaging muscle vibrations. Plus, since the Air Knit material used is lightweight and breathable, this support feels more like a second skin than an uncomfortable brace.





Thanks to the positive sensorimotor feedback provided by the support’s medical standard compression, the Bauerfeind Sports Elbow Support helps improve an athlete’s confidence as well. After all, going into battle with armor will make you feel much more confident than going in without anything! By keeping the elbow stabilized, protected from agitations, and feeling good as new throughout each workout or activity, the Sports Elbow Support will help reduce injury rates and give athletes a boost of confidence with each wear.